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SP/EXP Boosting [GuardianCodex]

Post by Haxxor on Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:41 pm

SP/EXP Boosting -
Prices: (may change without prior notice)
SP Boost:
100php = 200,000SP
200php = 500,000SP
350php = 1,000,000SP
500php = 1,500,000SP
Exp Boost:
100php = 100k EXP
200php = 300kEXP
400php = 600kEXP
500php = 1M EXP
Mode of payment: Smart padala
+15 pesos for claiming fee.
Ex. You want to buy 200kSP, kailangan magpadala ka ng 115php.
Send me a private message for inquiries and information.

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